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Briggs & Stratton - Computer Policy Agreement
Briggs & Stratton Corporation maintains the right to lawfully monitor (a) the use and content of its corporate resources and systems, including but not limited to, its computing and telecommunications systems and access to and use of the Company’s equipment and facilities, and (b) communications through communication systems provided by third parties under contract with Briggs & Stratton (collectively, “B&S Resources”). Users should have no expectation of privacy when utilizing B&S Resources as inspection or monitoring of systems or facilities may result in the exposure of information maintained on or in B&S Resources. By using B&S Resources, employees, 3rd party contractors/vendors and other users consent to the following: (a) the inspection and monitoring described above; (b) Briggs & Stratton’s access to, and use and disclosure of, any information stored on or transmitted through B&S Resources; and (c) the provision by any third-party telecommunications provider under contract with Briggs & Stratton of the ability to engage in the conduct described above. Employees should review the Company’s Global Electronic Systems Policy that is found on the Corporate Intranet.